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    Outstanding Pleasure from Roads to Tracks

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Welcome to the high-performance world of the N. Driving was never meant to be boring, and with N, it never will be. Push the limits and discover how much fun one can have behind the wheel. N got developed to deliver thrilling cornering abilities coupled with everyday sports car drivability.

The all-new KONA N

It’s a true hot SUV. Yes, It’s N.

The new Veloster N

See another side of your favorite corner rascal,with its N 8-Speed Wet Dual-Clutch Transmission (the N DCT)


  • Corner Rascal

    Unique Carving Experience Delivered with Precision

  • Everyday Sports Car

    Control Made Easy, from Smooth Urban Commutes to Exhilarating Track Drives

  • Race Track Capability

    Drive Hard on the Race Track, Just as it is

Corner Rascal

Unique Carving Experience Delivered with Precision

N Corner Carving Differential

Keeping You on Track

The N Corner Carving Differential provides a unique carving experience through even the most challenging corners. It has been specifically designed and engineered by Hyundai to maximize fun while maintaining stability throughout braking and when entering and exiting corners.

N Power Sense Axle

The Front Axle that Communicates

The N Power Sense Axle is specially designed for high-performance. Imagine a front axle that responds intuitively to your thoughts. This is the feeling of driving with the N Power Sense Axle. It incorporates the N Electronic Control Suspension, which enhances stability by adjusting the continually variable dampers.

High-Performance Tires

Created Just for Your N

The N is equipped with specially developed 19” Pirelli P-Zero tires to enhance steering response, handling, and control. These tires deliver maximum grip and stability throughout the most challenging drives. Sporting an exclusive “HN” emblem, 19” Pirelli P-Zero tires represent the chassis dynamics of “Hyundai N” vehicles.

Everyday Sports Car

Control Made Easy, from Smooth Urban Commutes to Exhilarating Track Drives

N Grin Control System

Every Mode for Every Mood
Take control of the voyage, not just the destination. Choose from a variety of modes. The Eco mode, Normal mode, N mode, and N Custom modes. Each N mode creates a new feeling by altering the operating parameters of the engine throttle response, suspension stiffness, stability control, N Corner Carving Differential, steering weight, rev-matching intensity, and exhaust sound. The N mode will put the biggest grin on your face, while the N Custom modes give you the freedom to individually customize your different driving modes. All modes are just at your fingertips via a steering wheel button. Once again, Hyundai makes it all very easy and intuitive.

Electronic Controlled Suspension

From Urban Commutes to Track Driving

The continuously adjustable shock absorbers of the smart Electronically Controlled Suspension actively manage the load transfer during cornering and provide well-balanced body and wheel control.

Variable Exhaust Valve

The Original Sound Track to Your Drive

Each N drive mode you select has a distinct exhaust note. It rises from relatively restrained in Normal mode, to a crackling “after-burn” growl in N mode, simulating a WRC car during fast upshifts or overrun. The Variable Exhaust Valve opens in different stages, which can also be selected manually via the 8” display.

Race Track Capability

Drive Hard on the Race Track, Just as it is

Rev Match

Jolt-Free Sporty Downshifting

Hit the steering wheel button, and you’re on track to enjoy the fastest, smoothest downshifts you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re on a circuit or a challenging alpine road, rev-matching automatically “blips” the throttle to synchronize the rotational speeds of the engine and transmission. This also eliminates shocks to the transmission, reducing wear and enhancing durability.

Race Track Capability : No Extra Option Needed

Based on Robust Technology that Makes N Perfect for the Track

Lap Timer & G-Force Meter

Plot Your Performance

Monitor your power, torque, turbo boost, and lap/acceleration timings via the N Driving mode menu. So after your best laps, you can check and compare your performance to see where improvements could be made. The N Driving menu also offers customizable settings to the engine, suspension, steering, N Corner Differential, rev-matching, exhaust note, and stability control.

Shift Timing Indicator

Time to Change

If you see red, it’s time to change. The N has an LED shift indicator that tells you when to upshift, before the rev-limiter kicks in. It’s ideal for situations when a helmet muffles the engine sound or there’s no time to check the rev counter. The LED shift indicator is located at the top of the instrument cluster.

Launch Control

3-2-1 Take Off

Take off like a professional. By regulating the amount of available torque when starting from a standstill, Launch Control helps you take off from the line with maximum traction and minimal wheel-spin. The system allows the turbo to spool up before releasing the clutch pedal for the perfect start. Launch Control is accessed via the N drive mode.

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