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Emotionally Intense High-Performance N

Hyundai N will be the most respected manufacturer of high-performance products in its segment that gets the hearts of customers racing and keeps them coming.

Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division

Thomas Schemera

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President
Hyundai will develop the technology to create fun and pleasant cars that are not just for a specific subset of people. We want to appeal to a much wider audience. We will disrupt the market with a high-performance vehicle that embodies the fun and enjoyment of driving.


Albert Biermann

Albert Biermann, President

Packing ‘N’ with Passion and Pushing the Limits

Let loose, the people behind N create astonishing technology and have fun doing it. They volunteer into the night, packing N with passion and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

It's not about making a limited run of engines that cost a fortune and only a few can experience, but instead we're working hard to develop high-performance engines you'll be able to see everywhere.

Powertrain Department

With our experience developing the WRC Rally car, we jumped into full-scale development of high-performance mass-produced vehicles, bringing our view of cars to another level.

Chassis Engineering Design Department

We're designing a lighter, stronger, and safer frame.

Body Engineering Design Department

In the car we're making now, the developers of high-performance R&H are working hard to create a vehicle that doesn't just do the basics, but also makes driving more fun. It demands the abilities of real conductors.

Ride & Handling Department

The performance development division is made up of departments ranging from NVH, to drive, braking, cooling, and aerodynamics, all under one roof. In the high- performance sector, we bring together all kinds of ideas as much as needed. This structure makes communication between different departments easy and helped a lot in the development process.

Cooling & Aerodynamics Department

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