The Pursuit of “Fun to Drive”

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High-Performance N is Pure Power in Combination with Excellent Technology

Inspired by Motorsport

Hyundai N internalized motorsport technologies and applied it to road-going cars. This is why we call WRC and TCR the cradle of N.

The 3 Founding Pillars of the N Feeling

Corner Rascal

N performance cars are as hungry for corners as you are. They're beautifully balanced and always responding to your will. N's advanced technologies help hone your skills, corner after corner, including the N Power Sense Axle, N Corner Carving Differential, and rack-mounted power steering.

Everyday Sports Car

Track day? Open road? Or the daily commute? Its intuitive Human Machine Interface(HMI) gives you a wide range of customization options, enabling you to change its character from a serious track star to comfortable everyday transport whenever it suits you.

Race Track Capability

N cars are equipped to perform on the track. Tested in extreme temperatures and extreme locations, there’s no need for additional tuning. Even the standard spec tires are built to perform. But, it’s not just about durability and endurance. On the race track, you’re supported by technologies that boost the fun factor, including Launch Control, downforce enhancements, lap timer, G-Force meter and shift indicator.

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